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Happy in the NOW

Happy in the NOW. We are all pretty busy, all looking and planning for something. If it isn’t with the worldly stuff (family, work, house), then we are busy with spirituality. We always want to go somewhere, always goal-oriented, we always want to achieve something. It seems that being happy is only possible in the future. How is that possible? Why can’t we just BE happy?

Well, it is actually very simple, this is the typical behavior of your mind, of your ego. The ego cannot be in the NOW. The mind is always in the past or in the future. Your mind cannot deal with the timeless, with the infinite. The mind creates separation, “you” (ego) and “them”. Your ego creates rules, conditions, comparison, tension, goals. The mind cannot understand that everything is already okay. We have been so conditioned from an early age that we are not okay…. That the current moment needs to be improved …

Happy in the now

Happy in the now - acceptance1. Acceptance of who you are

But what if it’s all okay? What if we are all right, exactly as we are. Wouldn’t that be great? If we could enjoy everything there is. If we could allow everything, for the simple reason that it is already there. What is the point in resisting what is already there? Be kind to a painful emotion! That emotion is already there anyway. Be nice to all those thoughts that come along. Resistance to it will not help you. Suppression only makes matters worse. Not suppressing, not indulging: just loving awareness of everything there is. Feel the intimate peace and the deep peace that comes up.

2. BE happy

You cannot become happy, you can only be happy. Just be back to being your natural self. Because you are not your thinking, you are not your emotions, you are not your body, you are not what you do, you are not what you feel. Who you are cannot be described… You simply ARE. And that you are is undeniable. Something can “see” that you think, something can “see” that you feel. In short, something is, “YOU are”. I call that something, loving awareness. That which we all are, part of the whole. Separation is an illusion. We are like drops in the cosmic ocean. In fact, we are the cosmic ocean.

3. Accept the form that is

And well, maybe the image of that cosmic ocean is just a bit too conceptual. After all, we have acquired a form in this life. Our body, our thinking, our identity is part of that. There are all kinds of forms around your BEING, your core, your being: memories, (thought and role) patterns, knowledge, role models, conditioning, ego. And to be happy in the NOW, even that doesn’t have to go away. You are who you have become. Can you also accept that? You only need to be lovingly aware that you are not “that”. You can let go of the identification with it. It is only the form that makes you visible.

Happy in the now

happiness is always an inside job4. Want what you have, have what you want

A one-liner that I unconsciously carried with me throughout my life, and the insight behind it I only now understand. Life has no purpose other than to be happy. So why not BE tremendously happy in the here and now? Pleasure and pain belong to life, so what if you remove the judgment about it? Want what you have. Then you can be completely in the NOW. Have what you want. That is also possible. Accepting that you are in the shit does not mean that you have to stay there …

5. Create the “life” that fits you

Because yes the world changes, so do “you”, so does your form too. If you fully accept what you really are, you can be whoever you want to be, you can have whatever you want. Being happy in the NOW means that you bring your life into harmony with your being. The fit with the essentials that are deeply hidden in you: Your truth. Form comes in all sorts of unique flavors and wherever your attention goes, energy grows. Then your form in life is created. It gives you the opportunity to contribute to this world. Not as a goal, but because you áre like that. Live your deepest desire. Live your gifts and talents. Make a contribution without doing, but simply by being you. If your aspirations are nourished by who you really are, your creative power is immeasurable.

how to be happy - go with the flow6. Go with the flow

And so you can totally BE in the world. Whoever is lovingly aware listens to the signals that life gives you. Those who are lovingly aware come to the realization that it is smarter to swim along with the flow than to waste your energy by constantly fighting, pursuing goals, resisting “what is”. Everything passes, “what you are” remains. If you ARE already happy, life will be a great game. Whoever is alert, follows the flow effortlessly. Whoever is loving (and we are all) is happy in the moment. You cannot become happy, you can only be happy.

7. The virtuoso circle of love and awareness

And yes, sometimes we just lost it. Then we get lost in the game. Then it is necessary to once again experience a moment of loving awareness. Waking up, staying awake more and more and being more and more lovingly aware of everything that is happening. Being more and more in the moment. More and more happy in the NOW. Living from a virtuoso circle (thanks to Osho) of love and consciousness.

Happiness happens when you fit with your life

So join us, learn more about tantra and tantric consciousness!

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Happy in the NOW
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