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Happiness happens when you fit with your life

– so do you have your priorities straight?

HappinessBeing Happy – is that okay?

About your misery you can talk, we’re used to that. That’s okay. But have you ever tried to talk about your happiness? Just being happy and cheerful. Radiant, overflowing with love? Having a great time, loving everything. People will stare at you as if you’re crazy. Happiness isn’t a conversation issue. People won’t believe you or will look skeptical. Ah well, they think by themselves, it will pass. A temporary madness. Tomorrow he/she will encounter misery again. Are we addicted to misery or what?

Loving Presence

Plants and animals can only be happy. Did you ever see an unhappy rose? Or a dog, or a mosquito? Animals have no choice. They are… in everything that is. What distinguishes people from animals is consciousness. Animals don’t have a choice, we do. Because of our consciousness, there is a choice.

So choose… Happy or miserable? I say choose for happiness. Heights of bliss or valleys of tears? Make up your mind and choose. The possibility of choice makes you responsible for your own wellbeing, your own happiness. Your misery is your choice, your happiness is your choice.

Back to the source

Osho says: “Meditation is a drug.” If you’re not happy, you need medication!! If you don’t feel comfortable, you (eat a lot) go meditate (in therapy). But is this the solution? Well, not likely it seems to me. It can be (a temporarily) help, lead the way perhaps, but the drug doesn’t remove the cause of the disease. Reconnect to the source! Make sure you’re happy / get happy. Ensure that meditation won’t becomes an addictive drug. Make sure that your happiness comes from the source. Tackle the cause of your misery: recover the connection with yourself. If you are happy, your life is full of joy, you feel happy. If you want to be happy, choose. Dare to go for yourself! Connect with yourself!

Happiness is an inside jobDo whatever you do with joy or don’t do it

And if what you do doesn’t give you joy, then change what you do. Dare to go for the things that make you happy (from inside). We are often driven by unnatural motivations (money, power, prestige). Not surprising, because from childhood we are taught that way. But will it make you happy? You choose things from the outside and you bargain with inner motives (your happiness). You sweet talk, you cheat yourself. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow I’ll do it differently. And so it is every day.

But don’t wait too long, don’t lose the connection with your inner for too long. That brings only misery. Choose for happiness, joy, do what works for you!!! Your misery is not going away by consuming, meditation or going to church. Do you dreams of better times? They won’t come on their own accord. First this or that? No, don’t make conditions for happiness!!! Happiness First !!! Enjoy now!!! Make your choice. Choose NOW! Recover your spontaneity. Do the things that make you feel good from the inside. Listen to your inner self, connect with your inner joy. Sing, dance, be happy!

Happiness happens when you fit with your life.

Change your patterns

Everyone is okay as he/she is. Self-acceptance is very important! But the pattern, the (social) patterns you’re in can work out totally “wrong” for you. If so, see it, bring your awareness to it. Don’t let it bother you so much what others say/want/need if you not feeling so well. Dare to choose for your own happiness. Change your patterns! Customize your patterns so that they reflect more of who you really are. What you really want. Change your thoughts, job, partner, situation. Change your patterns! Connect with yourself and see what pops up. And beware! Don’t change the outside, change your patterns. Bring the outside in line, more consistent, with your inner self.

Change your patterns if they don’t fit you!!!

Are you happy with tantra?

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Happiness happens when you fit with your life
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