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From Lust to Love – more than sex

From Lust to Love… Tantra takes you…  on the path of love. Tantra is about love. In love, you are very different to your partner. Deeply in love, you look at each without lust. In love, you don’t make your partner a pleasure object. Your partner is not someone you use for your own convenience. In tantra, you are lovingly together and that can be done in many ways. Lovemaking is móre than sex.

From Lust to Love - happyTantra is not specifically about sex, but about being lovingly together. In lovemaking, sex and love come together, then sex becomes a loving, even divine game of giving and receiving: an energetic exchange, a loving gathering. Whoever is in love, will forget the time too. Time is not important. Time passes, but you no longer care for time. No hurry….

Tantra is about love, but also about streaming, letting your life energy flow. Sexual energy is life energy. In tantra, feelings of lust, of excitement, may all be there. And also, there is nothing wrong with having nice, hot sex. But there is more…

Change your patterns, have a free choice

Attractiveness… intimacy… sex… Sometimes it happens in this order almost naturally, when two people feel attracted to each other. And there is nothing wrong with it, although many people are not aware of this pattern, or they don’t know any other way. Unknowingly, and as an automatic machine, “floated” by their hormones, they let themselves be carried away by their energy and their ego.

Consciousness helps you to see that pattern. Tantra certainly has no judgment on sex (or no sex). But if you only simply indulge in sex, unconsciously… or when you suppress your natural needs just as automatically… that can be very different. More fulfilling, rewarding, more total, joyful.

If you can be yourself, totally as you are, just as you are, if nothing has to go away or to change… if nothing is left, if nothing is needed … then you have a free choice. For example, the choice not to stay in your lust and to discharge your sexual energy simply by sex, through an orgasm. A very short moment, like a sneeze. If you are aware of your patterns, you can act different, But then you have also the choice to enjoy so much longer. In particular when you transform your lust it into love…

From Lust to Love: Looking for connection

From Lust to Love - LovemakingDeep inside, most people know it. There is a desire for connection: for love, being in the heart, for unification, Oneness… Coming home! And that’s what you feel when there is a balance between body, mind, heart, and soul. In your body… mmm, enjoying … deliciously in your body and you let your sexual energy join. Don’t suppress anything anymore, don’t overdo…, but totally feel your life energy.

In your heart

It’s lovely to be in touch with your heart, with your love and compassion. You can connect to your heart by transforming lust into love. Go to your heart. Out of your head, into your body, to your heart, consciousness. To your heart!! Make a heart connection. By releasing the urge to directly go from intimacy into sex and by allowing your life energy to flow, you will feel much more openness in your contact with others. Intimacy and freedom at the same time, it’s possible. It gives space for a deeper connection with each other. Then you accept the other as he/she is and you experience the beauty of this person. You come into your heart and also embrace the other in your heart. You will feel it, and your partner too. And also he/she feels freer, lighter, more open..

From Lust to Love - Heart connectionFrom Lust to Love: Radiate love

Love is an energy that flows in and around you. Let your love energy radiate. Let it flow through your hands, out of your eyes, straight from your heart. Then you will be giving instead of taking. Then you grant your partner heaven, you bring him/her there with love. You do everything you can to make him/her happy. It’s not about you, your lust anymore, it’s about love, the sharing of love. It’s great to share your love. Merge, becoming one, coming home …… Being happy together in your hearts !!

Are you happy with tantra?

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From Lust to Love – change your habits, have a free choice

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