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Free Tantra – start here with Free Tantra meditation

Of course, we like you to buy/do one of our e-Courses. To win you over, to gain your trust we like to give you lots of FREE TANTRA meditation. We also wrote many articles which can give you great insight in tantra. See the key article on tantra. See our tantra blog. In this article, we give an overview of all the free stuff.

Free Tantra Heart meditation

7 heart meditations explained - Free tantraYou can do free Heart meditation. Please try with the simple Heart meditation first and feel what heart meditation does for you. A growing number of meditations is available:

  • a simple Heart meditation.
  • Heart circling.
  • So Ham meditation.
  • The LoveSwing.
  • The Connection Breath.
  • Heart Center Meditation.

See the article 7 Heart meditations explained

Learn tantra online for free.

Free Tantra Kundalini meditation

7 kundalini meditations explained - free tantraIn time we will not only have explained them but also give you the opportunity to try them for free.

  • The power of Shaking – move your body – activate your energy.
  • Innerflute – Pelvic moves that make you relaxed and hot.
  • PC muscle training – how to use your PC pump.
  • Prana mudra – taking in prana – energy – feel the power of your life energy!
  • Heart Circling – spreading all sexual energy through your body.
  • Swing of Fire – playing with sexual energy is fun!
  • The Completion – from lust to love into devotion. Transforming Sexual energy.

See the article 7 Kundalini meditations explained

Learn tantra online for free.

Free Tantra Lovers / couples meditation

7 Lovers - couples meditation explainedIn the article we explain the following meditations:

  • Spooning
  • Look Lovingly.
  • Prana mudra for lovers.
  • The LoveSwing.
  • The Circle of Love.
  • The journey to Heaven.
  • The Completion.

See the article 7 Lovers / couples meditation explained

Learn tantra online for free.

Free Tantra meditation exercises

Free Tantra (sex) tips

Free Tantra meditation for couples

See the following articles:

Learn tantra online for free.

So join us, learn more about tantra meditation!

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Hopefully the above made you a little curious. You want to know how you can bring tantra into your life. Look, therefore, look at the overview of our online products. There must be something that suits you. Start today!

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Bring tantra into your life, choose here what suits you!

Tantra lessons online - a Taste of Tantra

For instance, try the introduction course a Taste of Tantra
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Free Tantra – start here with Free Tantra meditation

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