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Explore your inner world

Explore your inner worldCorona and tightening lockdown

With the Corona situation going on and the tightening lockdown, it’s difficult to explore the outside world. That may be frustrating to you but there is an alternative. Have you ever thought of exploring your inner world? In my experience, this “world” is far bigger than the outside world. Think alone of your imagination… You can go everywhere. You can go to other planets, experience extraordinary adventures or do whatever you want.

This imaginary world, however, is not what I mean with “your inner world”. Let me explain. Your senses are the gateway from the outer to your inner world. You can project your sensory energy outwards but also inwards. You can “hear” and listen to the voice of your heart. You can “feel” your body from the inside. You can even “smell” your fear from time to time. You can “taste” the sweetness of life flowing inside of you. With a little training, you can even “see” parts of your body, your organs, or processes going on. Basic mindfulness exercises scan your body.

Invite to explore your inner world

In this article, we would like to invite you to explore your inner world. Since you probably have enough spare time it’s only convenient to start now. So let us give you some suggestions on what to “do”.

Feel your loving presence

We start with the most simple, yet most difficult thing to do: feel your presence. Stop whatever you’re doing, stand or sit still and feel that you are… Here and now you are present! So Ham, Sanskrit for saying “I am”… Your mind may be wandering around, but in between, you will know… You are. Let the fog (thoughts) pass and more and more feel your presence. And while you’re at it, make it a loving presence. You are lovable, so you’re a loving presence.


Still the mind

Explore your inner worldGoing inward lets you meet your mind more consciously. At first, your mind will try to overpower you with an overwhelming number of thoughts. One (fearful/emotional) thought after another. Just know this and step back a little. See the thoughts and let them pass. You are not involved, they’re just thoughts visiting. If you sit still for a couple of minutes and watch, you’ll already experience more peace of mind. Stilling the mind can be supported also by the Hong Sah meditation.

Practice full conscious breathing

Do you know what a joy it can be to breathe? No? Well, start putting your awareness on your breathing and you will find out yourself. Conscious breathing will calm you down and will relax you. It’s like walking, it takes a little while to get used to it but then it’s awesome. If you combine the breathing with a focus on your heart, you will become more soft and loving. If you focus on taking full breaths you will become more energetic.

Make friends with your body

Doing a body scan will connect you to your body. Hey, it’s the temple you live in. Maybe you have been neglecting your body for some time now and here’s the chance to get friendly again. Nourish your body, be good to it. Look around with a happy inner smile and feel healthy. Feel good about and with your body. Have you ever thought of being intimate with yourself? Yes, you can! Boost your body-awareness. Try doing a body-scan or do some conscious body-work.

Make the shift: imagine you’re inside your hand:
feel what your index finger touches from the inside

Center in the core

Somehow we are all connected. In tantra, we are all part of that ocean of love energy. For us, the heart is the center of love, the center of your being. So while breathing, focus consciously on your heart, your love. You can imagine that with every breath you take you become more lovable. Every breath you take brings you not only oxygen but also prana energy. In the East, they center in the Hara, in (neo) tantra we center in the heart. Prana is Love in disguise. Centering prana in the core brings you in a peaceful state of being.

Go out to go in

Being outside, walking is a perfect surrounding to do some reflection. Assess your situation, find out what to do next. You can use this time to reflect on what your motivations are behind your actions. Are you acting out of fear? What is your strategy to deal with the situation? What is your plan? Knowing your basic convictions about money, security, comfort, work will help you. You can also activate your intuition. What is your gut feeling? What would you like to do most?

Find out your heart’s desires

Leisure time is great to find out what you really want in life. Time to get to know your heart’s desires! What are you longing for? If you don’t know what you really want chances are that you get something different. So do some soul-searching. What does your heart tick? What is your passion in life? It’s time to set your prime priority’s straight. Doing what is important to you. Make a bucket list. Think out of the box, think big. Then start with small do-able items on your list.

Activate, meet your energy

Practice full breath lets you connect to the enormous energy reservoir that’s available to you. They say that we “normally” only use 30% of our longs capacity. Imagine what happens if you use all. Practicing full breath is a power tool! But also small things connect you to your energy. Rub hands to activate and access it. Feel your hands, feel the power between them. You can activate (kundalini) sexual energy by moving your pelvis and pulsate your PC muscle. Shaking is also a superfine way to activate life energy. 5 minute morning shaking every day can bring you a livelihood you never thought was possible.

Learn to do less (relax)

Doing is addictive. We are used to “busyness”. Doing nothing feels very uncomfortable and is to be avoided. We watch tv, spend hours gaming or scrolling on the smartphone. Just sitting doing nothing is almost impossible. Still, it is a great way to enjoy life once you’re used to it. Just breathing, being intimate with yourself, just BE-ing is great. No stress, no hurries, no worries. It’s nourishing like sleeping but then with consciousness. If you’re very tight, try the relax meditation below. Then keep your body still and use your senses in the now, outside or inside. Being in this perfect balance between body, mind and, soul.


Align with your surroundings

Learn to do less. Slowing down and doing less is more fun. Slow down and ad awareness to your doing. Take deep breathes… Love to yawn, relax to the bone. Take time to unstress. This can be life-changing in itself. Align with your surroundings, blend in so to speak. Be part of your home, part of neighbourhood where you live and walk. You can even talk with the trees. Talk to and align with the people around you. Feel the connection and love them. Act lovingly and feel how good that makes you feel.

Take time to heal

Corona time is a time where fear thinking is predominant. Other toxic thoughts could also haunt you. It’s not easy to get rid of them but maybe it’s time to heal. If so, start by taking a step back. Just observe your thoughts and try not to judge. Do some belly breathing to support getting in touch with the feelings behind your thoughts. Maybe it’s time to heal old wounds and trauma using love and awareness. If you’re interested in this you could do the e-Course “Living with an Open Heart”. You can heal trauma and free the frozen life-energy behind it by consciously and lovingly relive the situation. Once issues are consciously brought into love and light, they are done. Maybe not completely, but still a part of it. You can then let go and leave it behind.

Inner space

Some people go in and with little effort enter almost directly in a deep, timeless, placeless place. It’s a vast endless space where tranquillity rules. It’s like floating in the ocean of love. A sea of consciousness where everything is connected with everything. A space of oneness where everything is okay. The world is as it should be, just the way it is. A space where we long for and where some people are easily “lost”. You could say it’s the space where souls meet. It’s an inner space that extends to outer space. inner, outer it all blends together.

Online courses you could do to explore your inner world

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Explore your inner world, powered by Online Tantra

Explore your inner world

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