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Duo meditation 5-minute check-in

Talk and listen

The duo meditation 5-minute check-in can do wonders in your relationship. In Tantra, it’s all about a conscious and loving life. And you do that in the moment! So if you walk around with all kinds of mental ballast, problems from the past day, it doesn’t really help to be in the moment. A great way to round off your day, to leave it behind – take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions – is to do a 5-minute check-in. This is a great way to let go of your daily (workday) issues and let your partner know how you are doing. Getting into the moment. Relax your mind. Relaxing and being together with an open mind.

Take turns

Talk and listen in turns. For example, let your partner start talking and you start listening. Invite him/her to tell what he/she is thinking about. And that can be anything. Problems with work, body sensations or an emotional state, something related to your relationship. Something! The 5-minute check-in is about relaxed and fearless talking – attentive listening.

  • Make yourself comfortable. Decide who will start.
  • Start talking – start listening. Only ask for clarification if it is really necessary.
  • Switch roles.
  • Thank each other.

Music only

We believe the instructions are clear. Put on your own music or talk / listen in silence.


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Duo meditation 5-minute check-in, powered by Solana en Satori


Duo meditation 5-minute check-in – for more intimacy with your partner

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