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Dump your Slump

I recently came to the expression dump your slump.  What a nice slogan! It inspired me to close my eyes and see what would come up.

First, we always tell people, that however you feel, it’s okay. It’s there, don’t fight it, because the fight takes more energy (and is useless most of the time) then it takes to relax in anything you might feel.

Second, why wouldn’t you be able to feel differently? Feel good, always feel better?! Without fighting, doing, acting, a lot can change. Not seldom through love and awareness. Put light on what bothers you, look at it, watch it with consciousness, and… use some of these tips.

So here are my tips for Dump your Slump

1. Give yourself attention

A dip is a powerful signal to make you taking good / better care of yourself. Either physically, emotionally or mentally. Take care of your body, give yourself love, rest, purity, and regularity.

2. Realize: everything passesDump your slump

After rain comes the sunshine. After the slump also comes another time when you feel better. If you know you always swing back and again, it is swinging easier.

3. Do more or do less

Not rarely a slump happens during or after a period of (serious) effort. So if you don’t want to pay the price: don’t worry, take some rest. The counterpart is also possible. Doing nothing all the time won’t make you happy.

4. Dive deep into it

Who says you cannot “enjoy” your slump. Dive into it completely. Dive so deep that you eventually you can achieve a great release of anything that bothers you. Roar, cry, moan, yell, laugh…

5. Breathe free

Who has experience with breathing, knows. Consciously, slowly and full breathing is a blessing for your body and mind. Give yourself a delicious oxygen and energy bath. Breathe yourself free from your slump.

Dump your slump

Dump your slump6. Have sex

Oops, what am I saying … Well, it’s a proven fact that people feel much better after a bit of good sex. So come on! If you’re alone, don’t worry. Masturbation (take your time) is just as effective.

7. Talk about it

Expressing your feelings can be very liberating. Indeed in most cases the slump may be caused by NOT expressing what bothers you. So: speak out your feelings!

8. Do something nice

Always good to do something nice. Doing something nice or funny will distract you mind a bit. Your mind can relax and so the slump might disappear, just like frost in the morning sun.

9. Understand the cause of your slump

Get to know yourself! That slump comes from somewhere. Something in you is touched by a person and / or situation. Your system responds to it, that’s why slump. But what is / was it? Find it, know yourself.

10. You are not your slump

You have a slump, you are not your slump! Try to understand that your body or mind has a slump. And if you can see that… then you know that YOU are not the slump. Your body / mind is in a slump, but you, that what you really are, is undisturbed.

11. Do a solar cure

Sometimes it seems that the winter period is extended until the fall. We are just short of sunshine. So take a solar cure and / or go outside. In the sun, nature, outdoors. Delicious!

dump your slump12. Do a laugh – meditation

Ever tried to laugh at/during a slump? Maybe you’ll just cry, but eventually you will laugh. Laughter is healthy and a good remedy for slumps.

Dump your slump

13. Think about something else

Oh sometimes things are not that easy and you’re in a slump. But dreams can! Think about something else, dream of good times. Imagine in your mind just how that is. Feel better.

14. Feel good, always feel better

A slump is a feeling, and it’s always possible to feel better. Choose happiness, always choose the direction of happiness. Dump your slump. If something changes in your mind or acts, everything changes.

15. Go wild

I’ve been known to get down a little myself! Why not? We are so caught up in all kinds of patterns that don’t make us happy. There’s so much we “have to” so much, we should behave. Well … not here. Jump for joy!

Dump your slump16. Take a winter nap

Hmmm, nothing as good as a nice long refreshing nap when you’re not feeling okay. After a good night’s sleep the world usually looks very different. Take your rest, take time for yourself.

17. Accept you slump

Accept “what is” is an important spiritual law to feel happy. So … do not go into battle with your slump. That slump is already there, so that’s pointless. Say a resounding YES to your dip.

18. Trust the universe

Even if you don’t know how it is, what to do about it. That slump didn’t happen in vain. Trust that the universe has your best interest. Relax … It was/is good.

19. See the lesson

Confidence doesn’t mean that you have to do nothing. Insight makes you grow and prevent future slumps. So see the lesson in you slump and learn. Don’t do the same every time!

20. Seek help if needed

It may seem I don’t take your slump serious, but that’s not true. As long as it takes. take your dip seriously too, especially if it lasts long. Seek help if needed, don’t wait too long. Asking for help is okay.

You are not your slump!!


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Dump your slump – 20 helpful tips to deal with your slump

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One thought on “Dump your slump – 20 helpful tips to deal with your slump

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    9 April 2020 at 15:20

    I met someone today who offers this healing. This touches on my favorite class alternate states of consciousness. While in college my professor, one that I will never forget brought in a Reiki Master. Most of the class found it taboo or a joke. The exercise was simple, we were to hold hands as a class. That’s when it hit me, the feeling of holding hands at that time wasn’t comforting. There was never trauma or a lack of love growing up in my life so this imposed a mysterious issue with not just myself, the class, but most surprisingly how my professor was saddened. After class she asked me why I did not want to participate more for her own interests as she was aware I was in a loving relationship. No answer was given however after that class or rather upper level psych course our paths have crossed many times throughout the years. I miss her and the conversations we had. She is a forensic psychiatrist that has studied some of the most dark souls most have read in the media primarily based out of NY. It’s coincidental that it’s been some time and for two weeks I’ve been thinking of her energy and friendship. Now this energy has followed me to a place I’d like to explore in every area.

    Hi Jesse,

    Yes the healing power of the collective (Buddha field) can be super strong. Love heals. Maybe now isn’t the time to gold hands but energeticly you can connect.

    Warm regards


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