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e-Course  Re-discover your sexuality

re-discover your sexualityWelcome

at this course, which is about (re)discovering the connection to your body, your intimacy, and your sexuality. Thank you for your interest in this e-Course Re-discovering your sexuality. You can purchase this course in the web shop. Then you will get instant access to the lessons.

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Instant access, private and safe

Why would you want to do this e-course Re-discovering your sexuality? The “technical details” of the answer on this question are that this the e-course is immediately (NOW!) available for you. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months for your course. Online Tantra takes an approachable, accessible and private step into tantra. You don’t have to go to a workshop, you can do this course at home, at your own time. You do this course on your own, or with someone you chose, so: no stress. In addition, the course is very reasonably priced in comparison to an “expensive” workshop. But of course, what really matters, is the content of this e-course

Connect (again) with your deeper, maybe hidden sexual feelings. Feel the fullness of your manhood, your femininity.

In this course, we bring you to yourself. During your life, you unlearned lots of things. Society, parents, priest, they all taught you how to “behave”. Connecting with your sexual feelings, your manhood, your femininity, is condemned lots of times. Masturbation makes you sick. Being horny is taboo and sexual energy is made similar to sex. Nobody told you how to enjoy your lust, your body. Nobody taught you how to connect your lust with your love. Sometimes it seems like lovemaking is nothing more than sex making. Or maybe you had some bad experiences in your life.

Especially woman experience the burden of being treated as being nothing more than a vagina. But lots of men also have negative sexual experiences: e.g. “men only want sex”. So if you are a loving man, a loving woman, you might have made a separation between heart and sex. Love is allowed, sex is condemned, apart from some situations in marriage. Still, many of you long for (re)connection. For being allowed to be a virile man, a juicy woman. To be allowed to enjoy your body, the touch of it, the warmth, and also the arousal, the excitement. Enjoying all that without shame, without guilt. To feel that this sexual energy is life energy, to feel a happy, lively, alive person.  Without blockages, free to feel whatever is there. To connect sex and heart and to be very, totally happy.

Different exercises and meditations to get connected

We work on different levels. The levels of mind, body, heart and soul. Your mind will understand how convictions limit you. Will learn about the differences between feeling and acting. Your body will feel alive, and your energy will flow. You will enjoy your body and your energy (again). Feeling accepted, by yourself, and you will radiate it and be accepted by others. Your heart will be charged by the warmth and passion of your (sexual) energy. And your soul will feel the joy of happiness and bliss.

Learn to enjoy your body and you (sexual) energy

In this course, we will provide a lot of different themes and aspects of sexuality. One in each lesson. It will give you more background and insight on “how it works”. Especially what you can dó to bring increasingly sexual energy in your life. How to stop suppressing it, but also: how to enjoy it without “disappearing in it”, unconsciously indulging in it.  How to use your fire to connect to the warmth of your life and love energy.

Sensuality, sexuality, and love, being alive!

Tantra is experiencing. Sexuality is something you especially need to FEEL instead of to think about. Do you want to feel love, to be more loving and more intimate together? To get blockades out of the way, all the things that prevent you from being happy? So, experience new ways of sensuality, sexuality, of your manhood, your femininity. Connect to your body, your power, your full orgasmic potential and the bliss of tantric sexuality!

This sounds good to you? Then this course is made for you. We have lots of exercises and meditations for you. In this course, you will find ways to relax, to feel and boost your energy, on different levels. To increase the quality of the ways to be with yourself. You will get in touch with your own emotions, body, and heart. You will be guided, challenged and invited to enjoy.  Enjoy the feeling of being allowed to feel everything there is. Accept yourself just the way you are and enjoy it. It’s also very nice to experience, to discover, to BE. To be blissful in your body, in your heart in your life… and to be very happy…

Do this course and experience

  • How to feel and boost your life energy
  • Ways to explore and boost your sexual energy, and can let it flow
  • How to be in your heart, to open your heart
  • The challenge of touching your own body intimately
  • How to bring your sexual energy to a higher level
  • How to connect your sexual energy with your hearts energy: from lust to love.
  • The discovery of full orgasmic potential (full body experience)

Below you will find the lessons of this course.

Enjoy it!

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Re-discover your sexuality – an e-Course full of delightful tantric meditation
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