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at this course, which is about living with your heart open, in love with yourself and the world.

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Why would you want to do this e-course Living with an Open Heart?

The “technical details” of the answer to this question is this the e-course is immediately (NOW!) available for you: you don’t have to wait for weeks or months for your course. Online Tantra takes an approachable, accessible and private step into tantra. You don’t have to go to a workshop, you can do this course at home, at your own time. You do this course on your own, or with someone you chose, so: no stress. In addition, the course is very reasonably priced in comparison to an “expensive” workshop. But of course, what really matters, is the content of this e-course

When we feel heartache….

Actually, we all want it: to feel love in our hearts. But there is so much happening around us. In our lives we meet a lot, that doesn’t feel so good: we are neglected, abandoned, rejected, not understood, not loved, not appreciated. That makes us feel sad or angry or even mad! That hurts. Sometimes a lot. We feel heartache.

— we put a shield around your heart

When we are hurt, we create a wall, a shield around our heart, to prevent it from being hurt more or again. And by that, we close our heart, put a lock on it. For a moment, or for a long(er) time. Often we don’t realize that just doing that, close our hearts, makes the pain even worse. Because we are not only disconnected from the outer world, but also from ourselves. Yes, and if this happens….

How to open your heart again

What to do? This course is about your heart, about nourishing your heart, feeding your love. About how you can solve blockades, how you can deal with what’s limiting you to be completely in touch with your heart, with your love. About how you can open up your heart again!

When you are in our heart, when you feel loving, you will see your life very different. Then you stand a different place in this world. You are in contact with your source, your true self. And not only in touch with yourselves but also with others, with Life! Then you overflow. Then your blockages are dissolved and you experience a tremendous zest for life. Do this course and experience:

  • How is it when you are relaxed and feeling quiet in your heart
  • Flowing life energy when you do the Lovedance
  • To come into your heart again, in connection with yourself, when you breathe.
  • Inquiry “Love intentions”.
  • How can you nourish your heart?
  • The way to melt blockades, the shields, around your heart.
  • How you can overflow in love, how you are connected to the world.
  • That you áre love!

Below you will find the lessons of this course.

Enjoy it!

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e-Course Living with an open Heart
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Hi, my name is Solana. Tantra is important for me, because it makes my life so beautiful. I learned to live my life with an open heart. Sharing love make the world a better place ❤ I enjoy life! Tantra is in my life for more than 20 years now. Satori and I fully enjoy it. We gave tantric workshops for many years. Now we share our love ánd wisdom in our online tantra websites (ENG/NL). See online-tantra.com or .nl