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e-Course Intimacy starts with you !with the e-Course
Intimacy starts with YOU !

Thank you for your interest in this e-course Intimacy starts with YOU !. You can purchase this course in the webshop. Then you get instant access to the lessons.

In case you purchased this course and you still come on this screen! Log in first and then select under >> START COURSE << the right option.

Why would you want to do this e-course Intimacy starts with YOU ?

… Because you’re interested in tantra, looking for options…

The “technical details” of the answer to this question is that this e-course is immediately (NOW!) available for you: you don’t have to wait for weeks or months for your course. Online Tantra takes an approachable, accessible and private step into tantra. You don’t have to go to a workshop, you can do this course at home, at your own time. You do this course on your own, or with someone you choose, so: no worries, no stress. In addition, the course is very reasonably priced in comparison to an “expensive” workshop. But of course, what really matters, is the content of this e-course.

…Because of the content…

The content, of course, is much more important. Step by step we take you on a journey that restores and deepens the contact with yourself. You always stay on the helm, however. We just create a safe journey and loving ways to rediscover your intimacy.

Being in contact with yourself, connection with the source makes you:

  • Safe, quiet, relaxed. Healthier, more powerful, full of confidence.
  • Give you balance, aligns you, always the right response.
  • Makes you more honest to yourself, that you know what your qualities, your capabilities are.
  • And your weak spots also, so you know what (not) do to (release, dark sides, where to grow).
  • Intimacy makes you feel good, puts you in close contact with your M/F essence.
  • Flowing, nicely in your heart, in touch with your feelings, your desires.

Intimacy with yourself means FEELING good.

Intimacy is a deep feeling of satisfaction along with a deep trust about the future. Doing what suits you, the meaning of life comes with that. Self-esteem is crucial. Self-esteem makes that you dare to open up and be vulnerable. Seeing and being seen. Touch and being touched: with love and with preservation of respect, boundaries and the freedom to be whoever you want to be.

A feeling of connection, with the other, with the World, overtakes you. The feeling that you belong. Sometimes more on yourself, sometimes totally melted. Always free and one with all.

… that fits your personal growth!

Yeah, well will this fit you? Anyway, we surely appreciate your interest in this e-Course. That you’re willing to accept the challenge to get more in contact with your body and your intimacy. Great! You are a dare devil and we know that very well. You’re searching for more intimacy in your life and we fully support that.

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Intimacy starts with you!
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Satori de Ruijter

Hi, my name is Satori. You could say that I am enjoying life very much. Always looking at the bright side. My passion and lifestyle is tantra. Tantra is in my life for more than 20 years now. My wife and I fully enjoy it. We gave tantric workshops for many years. Now retired, but we have online tantra websites (ENG/NL). See or .NL