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e-Course Deepening your Relationship (s)

e-Couse Deepening your RelationshipWelcome

at this course, which is about discovering and experiencing ways to deeper relationships.

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Instant access, private and safe

Why would you want to do this e-course Deepening your relationship (s)? The “technical details” of the answer to this question is this the e-course is immediately (NOW!) available for you: you don’t have to wait for weeks or months for your course. Online Tantra takes an approachable, accessible and private step into tantra. You don’t have to go to a workshop, you can do this course at home, at your own time. You do this course on your own, or with someone you chose, so: no stress. In addition, the course is very reasonably priced in comparison to an “expensive” workshop. But of course, what really matters, is the content of this e-course

Take this journey to deeper love, to deeper relationship(s)

In this course, we take you on a journey. A journey that will bring you more in touch with your natural state and the intimacy thereby created. Because intimacy is the main base of a relationship. Men and women can experience intimacy in many ways. Ways you know, ways you don’t know. Or forgot. Are you don’t dare to go that way because…. Maybe you are afraid not to be accepted as you are. Or maybe your mind is still convinced that you will never manage. Maybe you didn’t find THE partner (yet).

Simple exercises to get connected

You have many relationships:  maybe a partner, kids, friends, relatives, colleagues…   People you know well, or would like to know better. To be more familiar with. To feel connected. Relationships, being connected with others in a loving way,  that’s one of the main topics that bring happiness in your life. A relationship without intimacy is a poor relationship. Not fulfilling, not lasting most of the times.

Insight on how intimacy “works”

In this course, we will provide a lot of different themes and aspects of intimacy. One in each lesson. It will give you more background and insight on “how it works” and especially what you can dó to bring increasingly more intimacy in your relationship(s).


It’s all about experiencing intimacy

Tantra is experiencing. Intimacy is something you especially need to FEEL instead of to think about. Do you want to feel love, to be more loving and more intimate together? To get blockades out of the way, all the things that prevent you to be happy together? So, experience new ways of intimacy, that will bring your relationship(s) to a much deeper level!

Applicable in all stages on relating:

  • If your relationship isn’t fulfilling.
  • When you start to know each other.
  • If you want to attract a partner.

Then this course is made for you. We have lots of exercises and meditations for you. In this course, you will find ways to relax, to take/make time for your relationship. To increase the quality of the ways to be together. You will get in touch with your own and each other’s emotions, bodies, hearts. In this e-Course, we will guide you, challenge you and invited you to play. Yes, play, because it’s not all complicated and serious and difficult. It’s also very nice to experience, to discover, to BE. To be blissful together… and to be só happy…

Do this course and experience

  • How it is to intimate.
  • That and how you can discover all fields of intimacy.
  • How to take/make time for each other.
  • The importance of and how to empower your partner.
  • The challenge: see and be seen.
  • The discovery of each other’s body.
  • How to be in touch with your own and your partner’s heart.
  • The discovery game!
  • The Bliss of Being!

Below you will find the lessons of this course.

Enjoy it!

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Deepening your Relationship (s) – get more intimacy into your relationship!
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