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7 Lovers / couples meditation explained

Couples meditation and the magical number of seven. We explained 7 Heart meditations7 Kundalini meditations and now we explain 7 Lovers / couples meditations. Generally speaking, all tantric meditations are Lovers / couples meditations. Even when you practice alone, you’re always with your inner lover. When you’re a man, that would be your inner woman, when you’re a woman, that would be your inner-man. In lovers meditation, you play with energy (again). Basically, you make an energy (half) circle or at least an exchange of energy. In this article, we explain the following meditations:

1. Spooning (minimum 15 minutes)

Spooning is a simple but very powerful couples meditation. It’s also about the heart of tantra. Stop doing, relax, and let your body and heart do the talking. So make a comfortable space (can be in bed but preferable in your tantric temple (see the tantra basics). Lay down in spooning position. The one with the most dominant (male/penetrating) energy lies at the back. Remember… try to do NOTHING. Let your body, let your heart do the talking. If movement arises, that’s okay. A little pelvic movement helps to awaken the (exchange of) sexual energy. If you focus on your heart, that will activate love energy. If you synchronize your breathing, chances are that your energies will also align. You could end up feeling and vibrating as one.

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2. Look Lovingly (20 minutes or more)

couples meditation - Look LovinglyThis is a beautiful (guided) meditation, a heart meditation, which is great to do with your partner (to be) or a friend. Make a nice, soft space (on a solid surface) with 2 meditation cushions. Sit – comfortably –  facing each other, at a little distance. Quite near, but without touching each other. Do yourself a favor and be silent during the whole meditation.

Look Lovingly starts with an individual heart meditation. You can do your own version or choose one of the 7 heart meditations explained. After some time you open your eyes and look lovingly at your partner. When both of you have their eyes open, you synchronize your breathing. Keep looking lovingly. Stay tuned… And then? Surprise….

Make sure that at the end of the meditation you can lie down together.

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3. Prana mudra for lovers (30 minutes)

Kundalini meditation explainedThe Prana Mudra is a guided meditation that you can do by yourself or with a partner. It is a seven stage meditation in which you connect with and energize all the chakras. You will follow the liberating current in your body.

When you do the Prana Mudra with a partner you make the journey together and in sync.

You start with conscious full breathing. Then you connect with the earth and start pulling energy upward. In seven steps (chakra’s) you complete this energizing meditation. You’ll end up this meditation in light.

You can do this meditation sitting face to face (preferred position) or back to back (needs more body awareness). If you synchronize properly both bodies will merge into one column of light.

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4. The LoveSwing (30 minutes)

couples meditation - LoveSwingThe LoveSwing is yet another couples meditation which is all about playing with love energy. Once you’ve created a love energy voltage you can “swing” with it from heart to heart. A beautiful tantric game for lovers. This meditation uses the polarity of male and feminine energy to join up in a fabulous love game. Love isn’t limited/scarce or exclusive, so you can play this game with anyone. You can even play it when the other doesn’t know about it. Bring your love into the world with the Love Swing. Play this endless -enjoyable- game!

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5. Circle of Love (30 minutes)

couples meditation - Circle of LoveThe Circle of Love connects male energy with female energy. It also connects sex and heart from both man and woman. Connecting sex and heart is important and a major blockages with most (wo)men. Connecting the male and female energy is our most and deepest longing. Do this meditation and you will find out. The Circle of Love heals. The Circle of Love connects. Together you will enter a circle of Love and Light.

With the breath as home base, you make an energy circle. First, you synchronize the breathing. When the woman breaths out the man breaths in. So you start with breathing synchronized and contrary. Then the woman starts to breath-out through her heart chakra and the man breath-in through his heart. The man brings his in-breath down to his sex and starts to breath-out through his sex (into his partner). Simultaneously the woman breaths in through her sex, bringing energy up to her heart. So that’s one circle.

Circling in a relaxed way invites the Circle of Love to grow. The energy flow will increase, the intensity will increase. Except for the visualization, you don’t have to do anything. Just relax and let the energy circle. You start out as two individual people, you might end up as one energy flow. At some point, you don’t know anymore where you end or begin (breathing). You have become one.

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6. The journey to Heaven (45 minutes)

couples meditation - Journey to HeavenThe Journey to Heaven is a journey along the chakras, from bottom to top. It is advised to energize a little before you do this meditation (shake, do some pelvic movement, train your PC-muscle). It is a meditation you do sitting in Shiva / Shakti position (see the tantra basics if you are not familiar with this). Make your breathing nice and quiet and start to breathe synchronously, through your abdomen (1st chakra). The journey to heaven is a guided meditation on music. Beautiful music will guide on a journey upwards and once it starts you travel in about half an hour upwards from chakra to chakra.

During the trip, you physically breathe through your mouth, but virtually through the chakra where you are. Breathe loose and relaxed. You may, if you can, put one or both hands on the back of your partner, just on the chakra where you are. Let your body relax as much as possible. If you like it, let your bodies move a little bit. After this journey of half an hour, you are hopefully together in a wonderful blissful vibration. Remain seated if that feels good. But often that is too onerous, then lie down. Then do nothing at least for 15 minutes; nothing else but enjoying this endless moment together. Everything that arises then is up to you. Lots of joy, pleasure, and happiness together.

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7. The Completion (45 minutes)

couples meditation - The CompletionThe Completion is a meditation aimed at transforming sexual energy. From sex to love to devotion is the tantric path. Basic in this meditation is that you learn to play and relax with sexual energy. Bringing your sexual energy to almost a climax.

Then transforming this hot forceful energy to love energy. Changing the frequency. Turning sexual energy into something more gentle and giving. Completely changing the focus and intention. Letting go of the focus on orgasm and replace it with loving intentions and energy flow.

The completion doesn’t stop with melting hearts. The direction of tantra is to expand, to disappear into oneness. So that’s what the completion is reaching for. Again a transformation of energy. Letting go the focus of the “I” or even “Us” and replace it with the divine and eternity.

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7 Lovers / couples meditation explained

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