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Conscious Tantric Living

a conscious, loving, happy life is possible for everybody!

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happiness is always an inside jobHappiness happens when you fit with your life

About your misery you can talk, we’re used to that. That’s okay. But have you ever tried to talk about your happiness? Just being happy and cheerful. Radiant, overflowing with love? Having a great time, loving everything. People will stare at you as if you’re crazy. Happiness isn’t a conversation issue. People won’t believe you or will look skeptical. Ah well, they think by themselves, it will pass. A temporary madness. Tomorrow he/she will encounter misery again. Are we addicted to misery or what?

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Stop comparingConscious Tantric Living - Stop comparing - its never enough

– Save yourself the pain of comparing

Did you ever think about comparison? Wow, this is an interesting subject. It turns out that comparison is rooted very deeply in the human mind. It seems almost inevitable not to compare. But comparison leads to all kinds of misery. The whole dual way of thinking leads to good and bad, winners and losers. And who wants to be a (bad) loser?

Comparison is fear/value/economy driven. Wars are fought because of comparison. And if you start comparing your achievement or worse yourself with others, you are in deep shit. I explain that in the article. The big question, of course, is how to deal with comparison. Well, that’s the interesting part. First, you have to get out of the Rat race. Play the (money) game but don’t take it seriously or personally anymore. Play life as a game. And to help you I give a lot of other ways to help you.

How to deal with comparison – Cherish what you have and more
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The Power of ConvictionConscious Tantric Living - the power of Convictions

– Why reframing can improve your happiness instantly

What you believe is what will come true. The power of your convictions is so great. If you think you’re a loser, then you’ll lose! Beliefs arise at very early age. Your first experiences are crucial. The way your parents/caretakers interacted with you is determinative. We have thick layers of negative beliefs, values, rules, imago around our true self. They (unconsciously) determine how we see the world, see ourselves. Do you like it? Okay, no need to change anything. But if you’re not happy you can investigate if you’re not creating your misery yourself. If so, you can reframe and improve your happiness instantly.

Read all about it in the Power of Convictions
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Conscious Tantric Living

feel good always feel betterFeel good, always feel better – roadmap to Happiness

No matter how you feel, you can always feel better. Not because that’s mandatory – if you want to stay feeling bad, that’s fine with me. No, just because it’s possible! If you feel happy, why wouldn’t you go for ecstatic? If you feel angry why would you want to stay that way and not go for feeling “okay”. We tend to hold on to the moment and the emotions we’re in. But our true state of being is happiness. Emotions come and go, inner happiness stays.

Learn how: Feel good, always feel better
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ideas to make you feel better99 ideas that make you happy – 99 ways to make you feel better

If you have read the above article about always feel better, then you might want some inspirational examples. A while back I asked my Facebook friends how they manage to get/stay happy. Here’s what they replied.

99 ideas to make you feel better
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Dump your slumpdump your slump

20 helpful  tips to deal with your slump

Once in a while, we all feel lousy, whatever the cause me be. So be it. But you are nót your slump. Be aware that you have always have a choice. The choice to indulge, conscious, in your slump, the choice to change your mood, what you are doing. In this article you find 20 helpful tips to deal with your slump.

Dump your slump
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How can I guard my boundariesGuarding boundaries as well as pushing limits

Guarding boundaries is a subject that regularly returns in tantra.

How can I guard my boundaries

As well as pushing limits

How to live a limitless life.

Read the article  Guarding boundaries as well as pushing limits
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Looking for connectionLooking for connection

We are all looking for connection, for love and appreciation. Often, we look for it outside of ourselves. But that doesn’t work and leads to isolation, separation. Better to look inward, connection comes from within. Find (more) ways to connect yourself with yourself and others.

Looking for connection

So join us, learn more about conscious tantric living!

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Hopefully the above made you a little curious. You want to know how you can bring tantra into your life. Look, therefore, look at the overview of our online products. There must be something that suits you. Start today!

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e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

For instance, try the e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU!
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Conscious Tantric Living: a conscious, loving, happy life is possible for everybody!
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