Conscious loving sex

Conscious loving sex, tantric sex is lovemaking with love and with consciousness. In tantra sex, you make a deep energetic connection with your partner. It is a special meeting, a journey of discovery in which sex and heart can participate altogether. All of the orgasmic potentials are activated. Uninhibited, cheerful, passionate playing with sexual energy and with each other. Wonderful long (hours) ecstatic togetherness. Transcend your lust and your ego-self: moving from lust to love to devotion. Two bodies that merge into one, that is tantra sex.

Discover a new love-life

You can make love in many different ways. In this article, we offer some insights on conscious loving sex; sex from a tantric point of view.

Conscious loving sex

Consciousness is what separates us from animals. In short, what makes the big difference with ordinary sex is: love and consciousness. Tantra does not deny the beast in us. Tantra also does not condemn our primal urges. Desire, lust, it’s all fine … But there is so much more! Conscious and loving sex gives a deeper dimension to your sex life. To live as a (hormonal driven) animal is not that fulfilling. The same goes for living with just lust/pleasure. Conscious and loving sex makes your experience so much richer, so much more fulfilling.

A wonderful energy play

Conscious loving sex, tantric sex, is a quiet, relaxed, conscious, lustful and loving energy play. It is an interaction, so dó it together, bé together. Conscious loving sex is more focused on the game than on the goal (e.g. cumshot): it is about being together and enjoying together. Enjoying your / each other’s body, enjoying each other’s energy, enjoying lust & love. Tantric sex is very different from a sexual (marathon) workout or some juggling with sex toys.

It is not about how to shoot your wad in 10 seconds or how many times you can “do it” consecutive. No, your performance is not important, in conscious and loving sex you are genuinely interested in each other. The paramount issue is not what you are doing, but being loving together is. If you have conscious and loving sex, if you make love in a tantric way, you always respect the other person. You are in alignment your partner and you will never use the other person as a lust object.

Sex is pleasure

Sex is fun, is all pleasure, yes, we admit it. Tantric sex gives you lots of tips to improve your sex life. In sex, there is often a moment of bliss (orgasm), which is really heavenly. In tantric sex, however, there is even more than pleasure, with tantric sex the moments of bliss increase in numbers. Lovemaking knows no purpose, no achievement and therefore it lasts much longer (if you make time for it). Because orgasm, or ejaculation, is not a must, there is no pressure to perform (and finish). Moments of pleasure become periods of intense happiness.

Lovemaking is way more than sex

Sex, you actually do alone. Some men even only in their head. Tantric sex is lovemaking and thus more an intimate meeting, a fusion of two bodies, two hearts becoming one. And even that suggests a goal, but tantric sex is completely aimless, purposeless. There is nothing to work towards, being together is enough. From that BEING, a flow arises, synchronicity is created, (eye) contact, touches, movements, connection.

There’s no fight, it’s not about needing and getting. It’s a wonderful energy game in which you can (unconditionally) give what you have to offer from your heart. You don’t have to perform (no fear of failure needed) and that’s why you can relax completely. By being together, an energetic circle of giving and receiving arises, in which everyone becomes much more alive and more energetic. And whatever it is, it is always new, always in the moment. Tantric sex is not just sex, it is lovemaking, and it’s never boring, but something to completely absorb, to experience in full surrender.

Why conscious loving sex?

Because once “regular” sex is doomed to fail

In “regular” sex, the chase of pleasurable moments (happy endings) is doomed to fail. Finding excitement, finding new things/toys/partners, okay. You can sustain that for a long time. However, there will be a day when you have seen and done it all. Sooner or later “that pleasant feeling” turns around and you don’t feel so good anymore. ThThenou wonder: is this all? Sex sells but has a limited shelf life. If the “spark” has disappeared from your relationship(s), it is time for a different approach.

Disadvantages of ordinary sex

  • Never takes very long (11 minutes on average).
  • It is usually a “mini-workout” that focuses on orgasm.
  • Sex is exhausting, you feel energy-drained (or discharged).
  • It is not really a “being together”, the other is usually just a lust object.
  • Often, one of the partners is / will be disappointed.
  • Always “inventing” something new (exciting) is very tiring.
  • Sooner or later sex becomes routine and boring.

Looking for more satisfaction?

Benefits of conscious loving sex

  • You disconnect from the macho/porn image of sex. Descent from your head, into your body, to your heart.
  • The whole body participates (not just the familiar sex places).
  • In conscious loving sex, lovemaking, you consciously experience feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing…
  • Charging instead of discharging (you become more energetic).
  • No more fear of failure, performance is no longer necessary (because there is no goal anymore).
  • Never boring, it knows no fixed routines. Enjoying together, endlessly, with all your senses.
  • Is aware of and loving to every partner. The sensual, sexual attraction is restored.
  • As a by-product, body, and multi-orgasms suddenly become possible.
  • And yes sometimes tantric sex is also just very horny, hot and intense. Why not, everything that is there is allowed, so that too!

Do our e-Course Tantric sex explained

In the e-Course tantric sex explained we have incorporated our own experiences and the experiences from our (“live”) workshops for lovers. The course is packed with tips for great sex, for conscious loving sex, tantric sex, for Lovemaking.

Key points of the e-Course

  • Bring more rest and relaxation into your love life.
  • Exercises to come/be together (again) in that great loving feeling.
  • Use your senses, enjoying the senses game and becoming more sensitive.
  • Techniques for activation, and flow and exchange of sexual energy (kundalini).
  • Enjoy cuddling, touching (loving touch) and an (energetic) connection.
  • Discover the healing power of love. The transformation from lust to love.
  • Learn how to lasts longer in lovemaking by regulating your State of Excitement (SoE) – by using SoE tools.
  • Experience long(er) periods of being ecstatic (multi-orgasmic) together.
  • Experiencing what it is like to merge (to disappear) in the liberating current.

Learn Conscious loving sex in 3 weeks

If the above is of interest to you, do the course about Conscious loving sex, “Tantric sex explained”.

Conscious loving sex - e-Course Tantric sex explained

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Conscious loving sex
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