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Intimacy-exercise: Closer together in 5 minutes …

Contact meditation

Closer together in 5 minutes

to restore contact/communication with your partner
(regularly tested with Solana).

It is smart, to explain this meditation to each other when everything is (still) okay between you.
If it’s not okay together, then take your partner to a quiet place.
Sit together on the couch, on your bed. Or in nature, if that’s possible.

BE-ING together

Take 5 minutes time.
Make sure you won’t be disturbed.
Sit together en hold hands, or connect your bodies otherwise.
Look at each other, preferably in the eyes.
That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to talk.
Just look at and touch each other.
If you think of something not so nice, it’s okay, but no need to speak out.
And no need to do anything.

Just 5 minutes

5 minutes, it seems short, but can also be very long. If possible, try to smile once in a while (to your partner), the rest comes on itself. After some time you should feel a change between you. be aware of that and let be what comes up. If it doesn’t work immediately, try it one more time. And of course, you can combine this with other meditations. .

Online courses

Intimacy exercises, heart meditation, is a basic part of all our online courses. There are different kinds of theme courses, choose a theme that fits you.


e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU!

e-Course Living with an open Heart








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Closer together in 5 minutes…, powered by OTL

Closer together in 5 minutes

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