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Better in bed – 5 practical tips


Tension and performance anxiety are the biggest killers for lovemaking. By relaxing you become better in bed. First, focus together on relaxation. Become calm, let the hustle and bustle of the day, of your work first sink. And do not look too much forward (to the sex), stay in the here and now. You do not have to perform anything, your presence is sufficient.

Better in bedGo for intimacy first

As far as we are concerned, intimacy precedes sexuality. Of course … fast sex is sometimes delicious. But it gets better when a wonderful intimate evening precedes. An evening full of eye contact. An evening full of intimacy. In a wonderful atmosphere, it is easier to become more sexual. First some nice cuddling time. Time to excite each other. Carefully kissing, tasting each your bodies. Even if you have known each other for years! Slow down, relax. Go for intimacy first.

Don’t work towards any goal

Less is more. If you try too hard, it often goes worse, not better. Being together is no hard work, but a relaxing time and enjoying each other’s company. Try to be aimless together. Stop “working”. Don’t work towards sex, to orgasm. Just enjoy each other.


Better in bed

by simple “techniques”

Go for a loving touch

The difference between sex and lovemaking is Love. You may want to satisfy your lust, but you can also go for a loving gathering. Focus on your heart and the love that lives there. Focus on your heart and open your heart. Open your chest and heart, become soft and accessible. Let your hands be connected to your heart. This creates a loving touch.

Focus on enjoying, being together

Enjoy the journey, no fixation on the end. Or, so to say: focus on enjoying instead of cumming. Slow down and let the journey take a bit longer. Take time for each other. You will become better in bed by making your bed an enjoyment-place instead of a place to finish. Choose romantic places or turn your bedroom into a 1001 night fairytale room.

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Better in bed – 5 practical tips

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