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Why we love the Tantric Touch so much

The tantric touch is great because:

  • A tantric touch is a loving touch.
  • Tantric touch is demand free.
  • The tantric touch brings you from lust to love
  • Balance is restored by the tantric touch.
  • Love energy purifies, nourishes and heals.
  • Every tantric touch makes you happy.
  • Your friend(s) will love you for it.
  • Through the tantric touch, you grow in Love and Consciousness.

A tantric touch is a loving touch

There are several ways that you can touch someone. It can be functional like doctors do. It can be lustful like someone does who is highly sexual and full of lust/desire to “get” something (out of you!). A tantric touch, on the contrary, is a loving touch. Simple, a touch with and out of love. A touch from the heart, a giving touch, love itself. That way you don’t make the other to an object of science or lust, but you make a real connection. Preferably a heart to heart connection, but at least your side of that connection is from the heart. And when you’re touched with the tantric touch, you feel loved! A great feeling…

Connect to your heart

So before you touch, connect to your own heart. Be loving! Act lovingly, look lovingly, touch lovingly. Be as present as you can and put your full attention on your heart. Focus on your heart and take a breather. Connect to your heart, connect to your love energy. Do a (short) heart meditation. Everything you focus on will grow. So will your love. There are techniques for heart meditation. Check the free articles, free heart meditation or do the theme course “Living with an open Heart”. But whatever you do, connect with your love. Let your love grow inside you. Let your heart, your whole body be filled with love, so that you can overflow.

Then you tune in, feel and touch

When you yourself are loving, you are able to connect with the other. Then you try to feel, became aware of how you can serve the other. What is it that the other needs at this moment? We call this tuning in. You just focus on the other and feel what arises. Maybe you lay one hand on the body off the other but keep it still. Just feel for a moment. Connect, tune in and feel. Be as sensitive as you can. What is needed? Maybe this isn’t the right time to touch. Feel if you’re welcome. If so, what next? Is there a need for relaxation? Or maybe your friend needs a wake-up call? Either gentle of dynamic, soft & gentle or strong & powerful, your touch is always aligned with the other, always with respect and loving. And moment by moment, stay in tune. Don’t lose yourself (in lust), stay loving, stay present.

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Tantric Touch is demand free

Tantric touch is demand free. Love is demand free. It’s simply non-conditional. Whatever there is, it’s ok. No touch is ok, a relaxing touch is ok, a nourishing touch is ok, a hot, sensual touch is ok, a sexual touch is ok. As long as you are aligned and non-demanding. Connect, let your urge to control go and go with the flow. Don’t force anything onto the other. There’s no agenda, no goal and then… everything is possible. Because there is a heart connection and the freedom of the love energy to flow in any direction it wants to flow. So no ego-trip, always appropriate, always in alignment, always with love.

The Tantric Touch brings you from lust to love

There’s nothing wrong with lust or sex. Lust, sex, sexual energy is ok, we have no judgment on it whatsoever. But there is a big difference between sexual energy and the sex act. That’s very important to understand. Also in touching, beware that you do not move into the unconscious sex act. If so, do it consciously and of course in alignment.

Relax in the energy!

In tantra, in the tantric touch, we challenge you to stay with the energy and refrain from the act. Let your sexual energy go through the roof. Activate, release, let it grow, let it expand and then… Relax in it! All your conditioning is for going into action but don’t. Take a breather and focus, connect with your heart. Let all this sexual energy flow to your heart. Bring your warm, hot, powerful sexual energy up to your heart. Imagine that your energy moves along with your in-breath. Your chest fills up, but also your heart (chakra) is filled with bubbly energy. Not only is the tension in your loin diminished, you also start to feel more energetic and powerful all over your body.

Enjoy transformation

And your energy is also transformed. Did you know that your heart(chakra) is one big transmitter/receiver? If you bring energy to the heart all energy is merged and aligned with love energy and your heart frequency. Lust is added to the music and transformed in frequency. Like a drum added to the orchestra.

Your balance is restored by the tantric touch

Nowadays we are 99% living in the mind. Our mind spins. We keep thinking all the time, it never stops and that make us tense and anxious. There is a poor balance between body, mind, heart and soul. So the good news is that the tantric touch restores the balance (a lot). Out of your head, into your body, to your heart. Thinking stops if you start feeling.

Direct sensing

If you use your senses you enter a different world. A world full of wonder and magic. Direct sensing even intensifies that experience. And with direct we mean without interfering of the mind, without labeling. Like the magic of your first sun rise / sun set, the first time you saw a butterfly. Your mind (memory) wasn’t there yet. Direct sensing, the tantric touch with all your senses connected to your heart not only restores balance but brings you that ecstatic feeling. So you better watch out!

Love energy purifies, nourishes and heals

Lust is all for self-gratification. Love purifies, nourishes and heals. It’s the same energy but now with a different quality. It’s powerful, overflowing, healing. The power of love is immense. The vibration of love energy is magic. In China, they cure people with mantra singing, with love energy. Everything starts to resonate with the love frequency and then the natural state of being is restored. Experience it yourself! Just put your hand on a pain spot. Immediately something happens. The pain is softened, something is refined and released and your friend feels loved, feels the power of love. That alone makes a difference.

Tantric touch makes you happy

To touch and being touched is a deep human desire. You could say that it is essential for a good and healthy life. Children who aren’t touched develop all kinds of defects and diseases. Grownups who are not touched tend to be sour and tense, a bit needy. So they are always looking for love and attention. A tantric touch warms them, nourishes them. A loving touch does something in your brain. If you touch or are touched, oxytocine is produced, the happiness hormone. And there’s even a deeper reason why we like touching (the opposite sex) so much. It addresses our desire for connection, for oneness. For a brief period (male, female) energies merge. For a moment you feel whole (one) again.

Your friend(s) will love you for it

Because the tantric touch is a beautiful energy play. You don’t even have to physically touch to play it. You can even touch energetically! Let your heart just reach out and touch. Let your base energy (male, female) participate. It’s a game of giving and receiving. An energy game between the male and female energy. A love dance of the divine. Playing with complement energy, playing with polarity. So give your love abundantly. Overflow, radiate, show the world what love can do. Start with your friends. If you have a lover, go even deeper. Make it a passionate, a tantric lovers touch. Activate, overflow, melt as one, with your body, mind, heart and soul.

Through the tantric touch, you grow in Love and Consciousness.

Tantra is all about growing in Love and Consciousness. There is no end to where to tantric touch can bring you. You start with a “simple” touch of the skin, only to find out that the depth of your touch is tremendously deep. Your touch can touch the whole body. You can touch and talk to organs. You can touch and talk to the past by touching pain spots (and release frozen energy). It is even possible to touch and talk to the future by touching hearts desires (the flow of life itself). In tantra, there is no past, no future, only the here and now, but in the moment you can touch all, connect to all. Time, place it all seizes to exist, you are freed from it. Tantric touch is endless.

So learn tantra, learn the Tantric Touch

We hope that this article makes you a little curious about tantra, about the tantric touch. We invite you to take part on the tantric journey. And why not start now?

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Why don’t you start now?

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Why we love the Tantric Touch so much

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