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How to train your PC muscle

To train your PC muscle, you need to find your PC muscle(s) first. The PC muscle is actually a group of muscles in your pelvic floor. It’s the same muscle you use when you hold your pee. You can feel your PC muscle as you squeeze it. If you have a strong PC muscle you can easily stop the flow of urine and start again later. If this is difficult for you, then your PC muscle is weak. Stopping the flow of urine can not only help you find the PC muscle but is also the beginning of our exercises.

How to train your PC muscle

Those tantrica well-trained will can distinguish BC, PC, and IC-muscle. For now, in this article, we call the totality of the pelvic muscles simply the PC muscle. So to start practicing, stop and restart your urination 5 times during every trip to the bathroom. Your ability to stop urinating and resume will ultimately help you to activate sexual energy. It will even help men to control their ejaculations.

Why train your PC muscle

Training your PC muscle has many advantages. Obvious is that this solves any incontinence. The regular pulsing of your PC muscle is also known to be very healthy. Men certainly benefit because it avoids many problems with the prostate. But more importantly … contracting your PC muscle activates your first and second chakras and awakens as your sexual energy. There are women who, just by visualization, and the pulsation of their PC muscle can generate an orgasm. You also get a lot more control over your orgasms. By attracting your PC muscle (among others) you can decide when and how to climax. Men get harder erections and can prevent ejaculation during/after orgasm. The powerful contraction of the PC muscle at the decisive moment is essential for that.

For both men and women applies: loving presence and active sexual energy in your loin lead to more intense, deeper orgasms. And finally … The rhythmic contraction of your PC muscle (especially for women) during penetration is a delicious addition to your lovemaking. In short, plenty of reasons to train your PC muscle. Summarized:

  • The urinary incontinence: to stop urine flow easier.
  • Health – getting a healthy prostate.
  • Harder erection and more intense orgasms.
  • Gain control over your orgasms – determining the when and how of your orgasm.
  • Orgasm without ejaculating – to shorten the recovery time between orgasms.
  • Rhythmic contraction – deeper orgasms – beautiful game during penetration

The PC (Kegel) exercises

The following five exercises for the PC muscle. Lots of fun.

  1. 20 or more quickly pulsing
  2. 20 times contract and hold
  3. Increase pressure in steps
  4. Slowly increase pressure
  5. Push out

  1. Practice PULSING your PC muscles. Pull and release. Start with a set of twenty, repeat this several (>5) times a day. Build up this number to 50 or more. For the rest of your life do at least 250 clip exercises every day.
  2. Practice CONTRACT AND HOLD the PC muscle by keeping it contracted thirty seconds, or at least as long as you can keep up. Pull on your in-breath (only) your PC muscle and hold. Relax your pelvic floor on your out-breath.
  3. Try to INCREASE PRESSURE IN STEPS: Take your in-breath in steps and increase the pressure on your PC muscle too. Use your entire inhalation. Keep your PC muscle contracted some longer (hold) and release it when you exhale. Do this a few times.
  4. BULL PRESS EXERCISE: Breathe in through your mouth and pull your PC muscle as slowly as possible too. Once you can no longer continue contracting, let go. At some point, you will feel the energy coming up from your muscle. Concentrate during this exercise by taking slow, deep breaths.
  5. If you urinate and you want the last urine let out, use your PC muscle in the other direction. By doing this you’ll feel your anus open and the feel vastly differs. This is called PUSH OUT PC.

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How to train your PC muscle – decide if and when to ejaculate!

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