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7 Heart meditations explained


7 Heart meditations explainedThere are so much different ways to do Heart meditation. In the spiritual world, there are many lineages of meditation, all with their own ways of doing things. So please find out what works for you. Maybe dancing is a great way for you to get into your heart. Maybe singing is your thing. If you are sensitive about the vocal part o love energy singing or chanting is all for you. We invite you to try it and find out!

The power of Breathing

To us, breathing is a strong supporter of Heart meditation. It all starts with conscious breathing, as described in How to do a Heart meditation. Second is your focus on your heart. The third is some sort of aim, the intention of what the meditation is designed for.

The intention of the meditation

Your breath is powerful, so is your imagination. What you believe, eventually becomes true. The power of your convictions is unlimited. Lines of reasoning, however, are limited, but not your imagination. Through imagination, you can go everywhere. When you envision something it can easily come true (so watch out what you wish for…). This is one of the reasons why there are so many different approaching and meditations. You can direct the meditation to anything you want. And that dear reader is exactly what happened during our 20 years of tantric experience. We designed, tested and experienced Heart meditations for specific purposes.

7 Heart meditations explained

Simple Heart meditation – Open your Heart every day

Free Heart medtation - simple heart meditationWaking up in the morning is a perfect time to do a short Heart meditation. Your mind isn’t very active yet so little distraction. It’s a perfect way to start the day. Heart meditation makes you Lovingly so why not start with it? And also during the day, you can take a breather. Just a few minutes to slow down, relax, focus and envision that you breathe into your heart. If you follow the link you’ll find this simple Heart meditation in words and guided audio.

Do a simple Heart meditation – do it now, it free!

Like it, then support us and download this meditation for free/your donation.

LoveSpirit – to purify, nurture and heal

Heart meditation LoveSpiritThe LoveSpirit is a Heart meditation aimed to purify, nurture and heal. The power of Love is great. Before you start, please prepare. This meditation first creates a relaxed and calm starting position to become lovingly. Then we use breathing techniques to become lovingly. But you also become loveable again. YOU ARE LOVABLE. Nothing is more important than self-love. You will be invited to love yourself. To become lovingly and really use this love first for YOU! You disserve it. It’s time to pamper. Then maybe it’s also time to let go of some stuff. Things that are in your system and hold you back. Stuff that is waiting to be heard and healed. And it’s all demand free. No stress, no worries…

Catch the LoveSpirit

The guided LoveSpirit meditation is part of the e-Course Living with an Open Heart.

Heart Circling

Free Heart meditation - Heart CirclingHeart circling is a way to focus and activate love/life energy. Imagine that your love energy circles around in your body. It flows up through the back on your in-breath and it flows down through the front of your body on your out-breath. This way your love/ life energy circles around the center, around your heart. This meditation is simple but powerful. If you close your eyes you can travel around with your breath and energy. You will learn to intensify your breath and energy without having to work so hard. On the contrary, you will feel very relax on after a few minute of meditating.

The guided meditation Heart Circling is part of the e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

So Ham – open your body, open your Heart

Free Heart meditation - So HamThe So Ham meditation is a Heart meditation that focuses primarily on the front of your body. When you meet people you (energetically) connect through the front of your body, especially through your chest area (heart chakra). When you feel alone and not so connected to others, you have a closed heart, but also your chest is tense and shielded. So Ham really opens your chest (heart chakra) so that you can lovingly connect to other people again. During the meditation your eyes are focussed on the dot in the middle, you breathe through the mouth. Follow your breath, your energy as it flows up and down in the front of your body.

When you breathe in, imagine that your breath, your love energy flows up from your solar plexus to your throat chakra. While breathing in silently chant “So” in your mind. It flows down in the front of your body while you silently chant “Ham”. So Ham means as much as “I am”. Every time you breathe, your breath passes your heart chakra. With the mantra So Ham chances are that you feel a vibration starting in your heart chakra. The reason for fixed your eyesight on the dot is that this way your mind stops (wandering). No eye movement = no thoughts. Try it, but be patience, take your time.

The guided So Ham meditation is part of the introduction course and the e-Course Living with an Open Heart

LoveSwing – making an intimate connection

Free Heart meditation - LoveSwingThe LoveSwing is yet another Heart meditation which is all about playing with love energy. Once you’ve created a love energy voltage you can “swing” with it from heart to heart. A beautiful tantric game for lovers. This meditation uses the polarity of male and feminine energy to join up in a fabulous love game. Love isn’t limited/scarce or exclusive, so you can play this game with anyone. You can even play it when the other doesn’t know about it. Bring your love into the world with the Love Swing. Play this endless -enjoyable- game!

The guided meditation LoveSwing is part of the e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !and the e-Course Deepening your Relationship (couples version).

Connection Breath – connect with yourself, others, the world

Free Heart meditation Connection BreathThe Connection Breath makes an intimate connection with yourself, others, the world. Never alone again. We all know the feeling that we need something, need the love of others. We beg for love and attention because we have forgotten that we are one. The connection breath restores this. If you feel deprived of feminine warmth and love, you find all this in the connection breath. Ik you miss that strong powerful (male) presence around, this is what the connection breath hooks you up with. The connection breath completes you again, make you whole again. Why? Because separation is the illusion.

Never alone again

The guided meditation Connection Breath is part of the e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU ! and the e-Course Deepening your Relationship (couples version).

Heart Center Meditation

Free Heart meditationYet another great and o so simple Heart meditation you can do during the day. Can you make some time to do 4-8-12 breathings? Yes, you can. Of course, you can! The Heart center meditation fills you up with all kinds of loving support. Mother Earth is supporting you. Your loved ones support you. The whole cosmos is supporting you. And last but not least, your whole lineage is supporting you. Your father, grandfather, great-grandfather. You mother, your grandmother, your great-grandmother. Support from all sides and your heart is ones again in the middle. Love flowing from all sources, all direction ones again flow into your heart. To make you lovingly again. So whenever you need some love… do the Heart center meditation.

Feel the support, become lovingly

The guided meditation LoveSwing is part of the e-Course Living with an Open Heart.

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Do some more free (Heart) meditation

On this website, you can do several free guided (heart) meditation online. If you like them, you can buy and download them (and other heart meditation) to listen offline. That way you can be supported whenever / wherever you are. In the car driving home from work. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, or whenever you need a little Love or want to give some.

Check out some more free meditation

>> Free Heart meditation – Try for free and then buy to support us!

Theme courses on intimacy

e-Course Deepening your Relationship

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

Living with an Open Heart

We also have an online theme course on Heart meditation for you: Living with an open Heart. An e-Course full of Heart meditation!

What is Heart meditation

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7 Heart meditations explained

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