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21 Benefits of Heart meditation – The power of Heart meditation

It’s an adventure to write about the benefits of Heart meditation. Heart meditation is so powerful! Love can move mountains. But love is also magical, love can’t be explained. Love is… love. So maybe what we write isn’t all scientifically proven. Don’t even believe science! Just experience Heart meditation yourself and find out if it works for you! Tantra is experiencing and the power of love is not something you think about. You live it. Living a loving life. Living with an open heart. Then…. you find out the benefits for yourself.

Physical benefits

Let’s start with something solid. Heart meditation is proven to be beneficial to your heart. Heart meditation gives you Heart coherence… On Heart Math, you can read all about it but simply said, it’s relaxing your heart muscles and letting them (all 7 heart chambers) work together coherently. Not against each other, not separate, but in alignment, nicely coupled. This effect is proven and also the health benefits from a coherent heart.


Heart meditation brings you calmness, relaxation in your body. Your body can feel tense, agitated, hyper even. Heart meditation slows you down, relaxes you. Relaxes your body. Wild vibrations in your body fade away. A sense of ease and calmness arises. Maybe this explanation is short, the benefits are huge.

Peace of mind

The mind is always busy, always tense, always engaged in a struggle, always fighting against the bad, longing for the good. Heart meditation gives you peace of mind. Lots of reasons why – could be a separate article- the most important ones are: Heart mediation distracts the mind. If you’re in your heart, you can’t be in your head, it’s that simple. If you look left, you don’t see a thing on the right side. So it’s the focus on your heart that relaxes your mind because it doesn’t have to work so much. The other important factor is that the mind tends to find that Heart meditation is okay for you. It’s nice, it’s pleasurable, so it’s okay. This also relaxes the mind. Thirdly Heart meditation gives you more balance between thinking, feeling and being. This growing harmony/balance results also in more peace of mind.

21 Benefits of Heart meditation


With Heart meditation, you slowly (or sometimes fast) come to realize that you are more than your thoughts, emotions or your body (bodily sensations). Witnessing makes you aware there’s more. When you stop identifying with your mind, you find out that you are beautiful. You are great as you are, just the way you are. Your mind is always criticizing, never satisfied with the way you are. But the heart is. You’re overflowing with joy because you are. So Heart meditation fundamentally changes your self-esteem. A deep trust resides in you and you become aware of it. You are and that is enough. You can trust love and the way life goes and flows. Whatever happens, it’s okay. No need any more to hurry or worry. You are totally okay (like everybody else by the way).

Love Energy

Heart meditation activates your life energy, activates your love energy. This surely is beneficial. Being more lovingly is great! Not only for yourself but naturally also for others. Your life, your actions, your conversation, your touch, your radiance will be more loving. Need I say more? The power of love lays also in the power of transformation. Anger, mistrust, jealousy, hate, aren’t sustainable in a loving environment. They are – sooner or later- all transformed into life energy again. All emotions are accepted by love. All is allowed, just the way it is. And then it changes, in all freedom. Because love rules all. And how about self-love and self-compassion! Love energy is all about self-compassion. Heart meditation, love energy is meant to embrace yourself, to embrace all cells in your body. Heart meditation is the source of Self-love.

Healing power

With love energy, with self-love, you can heal yourself. You can embrace all pain, flood all your (small/bigger) wounds with love. Love energy purifies, nourishes and heals. Heart meditation that way is to you what a mother is to a child. Always a safe heaven, if there’s pain, you get nurtured. The warmth of love energy warms, softens and opens hardened spots in your body. Through this frozen life energy is released again to join in again in the mighty flow of your life energy. Love is also a protection shield (see self-esteem/trust), so it gives you a possibility to loosen your body armor. Also directly love energy can soften and diminish painful body-armour.


Once in a while, somebody comes along who demonstrates the benefits of Heart meditation through compassion. Nelson Mandela is such a person. And of course, the Dalai Lama is the perfect example. Compassion, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Compassion are strong elements of the heart, of heart meditation. Another example is Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian heart meditation for healing and opening your heart. Love circles round. Compassion gives you love energy, love energy leads to compassion. Benefits? Enormous…


Love energy is like light, maybe it is just light. From your heart chakra love energy flows. You could also say, and we are, the love energy radiates through your body. With Heart meditation, this light is fused, supplied with oxygen (love) and grows bigger and bigger. The Heart meditation Radiant Heart” addresses this theme directly. So look in the mirror, look into your eyes and see the radiance of love. Do a Heart meditation and envision that you are becoming radiant. You can spread love by just being radiant. You radiate out of your eyes, out of your skin. Your aura is filled with love and radiates. You are love and light…

Loving relationships

Your heart is the center of being, of all. The center of below and above. The center of the past and future (the now), but also the center of the inside and the outside. The connection between you and the other. It’s the center of relations, the center of your relationships. With a close heart, you feel alone, separated, isolated. With an all open heart, you have not aligned anymore with your surroundings, people around you. Over-confident, not aware of real dangers, drowning in your love and therefore losing contact with your human nature (present shape). Heart meditation brings your heart chakra more in the middle. The way of the Buddha’s, the middle path. Then you are loving, aligned inside and out. Then you are and feel connected without losing freedom. In every relationship, you allow and are allowed to be exactly as you are. Love is unconditional. Heart meditation connects you to the voice of your heart. Heart meditation tune into the frequency of love energy. So you can listen to the music. So you can listen to and deeply enjoy the songs of others.

Joy of life

Metta Ji is a word with many meanings. But it’s all about love. It’s all about the joy of love. The joy in life. In your heart, you find so much joy. It’s a tremendous supply of joy. Not only joy, like the pleasure that you get from earthly doing or material stuff. Mmm eating ice-cream is great, I can think of many things that give me great pleasure but that’s not what I mean. No, it’s this deep gratitude, it’s this empowering joy that arises when you’re in your heart. Most of the time it’s just overwhelming, makes you cry. That kind of joy isn’t joy anymore, it just bliss, ecstasy. Beware because Heart meditation can bring all this to you. Suddenly you push some limits and the…. wow.

Connection with the source

Maybe the biggest benefit of Heart mediation is that it is aimed at the direct connection with the source. Your heart is the temple of your soul, so where to find your soul better than in the heart. If you want to know who you really are, then practice heart meditation. There’s no guaranty because “enlightening” you can’t do. Self-realisation to us, however, is growing in love and consciousness, so Heart meditation is an essential part of discovering yourself. If do a heart meditation is quite possible that you suddenly hear the voice of your heart, your soul speaking to you. The wisdom of the heart is enormous – the heart knows. The heart knows your soul’s purpose. Your heart knows all that can’t be known (yet).

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On this website, you can do several free guided heart meditation online. If you like them, you can buy and download them (and other heart meditation) to listen offline. That way you can be supported whenever / wherever you are. In the car driving home from work. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, or whenever you need a little Love or want to give some.

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We also have an online theme course on Heart meditation for you: Living with an open Heart. A course full of Heart meditation!

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21 Benefits of Heart meditation
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