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How to be happy – 10 tips to be happy

10 tips to be happy. Pain and gain are part of life. That said there are a couple of things you can do to be (more) happy.

1. Stop resisting life

Our ego wants to repeat all the good stuff and to discard the bad stuff. But shit does happen and that is unavoidable in life. So instead of fighting with it (which makes you miserable), we suggest that you leave life be. What has come has come and there is no way that you can change it. Finish the pain/gain experience, let go and go on.

2. Do the things that fit you

A lot of people end up doing things (work) they don’t want to do. They stay in a relationship that doesn’t fit them (anymore), keep on working for a boss who’s awful. Don’t compromise (too much), do the things that fit you. Ask yourself the question: What makes me happy/feel good? This may be now or maybe later. Find out the answer and give it your best.

3. Play the game

See life as a big game. It’s a movie where you play one of the character roles. It’s a game with strange rules, but once you know it’s a game, you can’t take it seriously anymore. Play the game but stop pleasing. Take a step back and connect to yourself. Always stay with yourself, your truth. Continuously play the game with a smile. Maybe produce and/or direct the movie a little yourself.

4. Feel good, always feel better

The power of thought is enormous. You can change the way you feel by changing the way you think. However you feel (good/bad), you can always feel better. Think and/or do something that makes you feel better. Take small steps. If you feel depressed, feeling numb is already better. From there you maybe can feel expectant. Ups and downs, ok, but feel good, always feel better.

5. Accept death, live now

We are all going to die. When you do what memory will you leave behind? If you want to leave something behind for the world, please do. Live your passion, live your dreams and live in the fullest possible way. Life is uncertainty, you could be dead tomorrow. So don’t postpone whatever you want to finish. Feel good, empty your bucket list. Prepare to connect to the sources that never dies.

6. Live in Love

Connect to your heart, connect to your love. Meditate and open your heart every day. Breath-in love. Let your whole body be filled with love. Love yourself and feel good. Let even your aura be filled with love and shine. Breath-out love. Radiate into the world and let the people around you that they are loveable. You are loveable, they are loveable. Let’s be grateful for all the love that is around. That makes a huge difference. Loving thoughts, a loving word, a loving touch, loving actions. Let love rule your world.

7. Stop worrying

Living in fear doesn’t make you happy. What is the use of worrying? Did it do you any good ever? Real fears have to be taken into consideration (fight or get-away), but the rest? Act if you can, accept if you can’t change the situation. Still your mind. Maybe read how to deal with fear.

8. Take time for relaxation

You need balance in your life. You can’t go on forever and stay happy. Life is full of challenges that make you fired up and tense. You need time for relaxation to balance. When you are well rest and nourished you feel good. When you’re ready to go again, you feel even better.

9. Stop comparing

Comparing makes you miserable! There’s always somebody better, richer, prettier, more attractive… Lead your own life and enjoy yourself and the people around you. Let (the achievements of) others be an inspiration to you, but never something that you compare yourself with. You always lose when comparing. Comparing always makes you miserable.

10. Happiness is an inside job

Happiness is a choice. So focus on happiness. Focus on the positive. What you see is what you get and the power of convictions is enormous. So tune into the frequency of love and happiness. Do some heart meditation once in a while. Focus on happiness.

So, how to be happy?

Happiness happens when you fit with your life

Happiness is our natural state of being. When our mind gets involved duality enters and human happiness gets split into pleasure and pain. Being happy stays a choice, however. If you’re unhappy: change, move to happiness! You can change the outside influence on happiness by changing where you live, where you work, whom you are with. Chose the surrounding where you can be happy, do the things that make you happy. Happiness happens when you fit with your life.

Happiness is an inside job

Even better, you can (also) balance the inside, live from your center (authentic self). Happiness is an inside job. When you are in order, the world is in order. You can live a happy, even blissful life. So clean up the house, get the real YOU involved! Less thinking, more feeling. Less in the head, more focus on your body and heart.

Practice love and grow in awareness. When you are in love, living with an open heart, having lots of free-flowing life energy in your body, when you’re radiating love in every direction, it’s very difficult to be unhappy.

So join us, learn more about tantra and tantric consciousness!

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10 tips to be happy
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