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10 tips for more intimacy in your life – relationship

Would you like to feel that intimate feeling more?

10 tips for more intimacy in your life- relationship.

Intimacy is a feeling, an awareness, a sense of openness, recognition, a sense of connection with yourself and/or a match with one or more persons. It’s a great feeling, so who would not like to have this feeling more often.

That’s why we share some tantric tips to improve the amount of intimacy in your life.

1. Take a look in the mirror

10 tips for more intimacy: hug yourselfIf you are looking for intimacy first look in the mirror. Because, how intimate are you actually with yourself? Can you look at yourself and can you accept yourself? Can you accept yourself exactly as you are? Cherish and love yourself?

To be intimate with others it is very important that you (first) become intimate with yourself. If you are not happy with yourself, happy with your body, happy with how you are, you will always be afraid. Afraid that others are not happy with you either. Just be nice to yourself, and forget all that self-criticism. Give yourself a wonderful hug. Change the world, start with yourself. Learn to be intimate with yourself.

2. Being open to intimacy

Intimacy has everything to do with (the search for) connection. We all have a great desire for connection. Yet not everyone is open to intimacy. For fear of the pain of rejection, for fear of repeating painful moments, we have shut ourselves off from the possibility of intimacy. Perhaps we have not learned how to be intimate (safely). Perhaps our being is hidden behind the masks we so often wear in this world of business.

If you are looking for more intimacy, then I suggest that you take off your masks once in a while and open up to intimacy. Look around you. See the people around you. Show yourself…

3. Remove barriers

Closer Together - break freeMasks are an important barrier to intimacy. Where intimacy is lacking, there is often something in between. It seems like there is a wall between you and the other; between you and the world. Caught behind a wall of thoughts. Caught in fear, judgments, projections… The wish, the need for intimacy is certainly there, but we can no longer join it.

Our tip is: speak out, that clears the air! Maybe your irritations are in the way, maybe there is something that stops you (unconsciously). Become aware of what gets in the way. Make room for intimacy – before the meeting – by taking responsibility for your part of the wall. Speak out, remove the obstacles. Step over it, take the first step towards the other, towards the world.

4. Cuddle more

Cuddling is healthy. Research has shown that. Cuddling is also very good for intimacy. Hug more! Touch each other as much as possible. The happiness hormone Oxytocin is produced by contact. You will be glad and happy. Hug and touch with attention and presence. Let your hug, your touch, come from your heart, do it with a loving intention.

Cuddling restores the balance between thinking and feeling. And it brings you back into the world of feeling, of intimacy. Cuddling is important “food” for humans. I recommend a large daily dose. 10 hugs a day should be possible. Take your chances and cuddle as much as you can. Free hugs enough! And when there is no one around …, then hug yourself !!!!

5. Look fresh

Everything changes. You are not the same as a day, or even a moment ago. Nor the world, nor your partner. Yet, after a while, it seems that we have already seen everything. But is it true? See and be seen. Go back in time – when you were a baby you didn’t know anything. Discovering gives a huge boost to intimacy. Discover the parallels, the match, the “us-feeling”! Mentally, physically or in energy. Click … a match! So look fresh … Forget everything you think you know. You don’t know anything … because everything is already different now.

Don’t take anything as known, look at everyone as if you were seeing him/her for the first time. Remember what it’s like to play the dis-cover game! Put your expectations overboard, don’t expect anything (it is never the same). Expectations seldom work ou. And use all your senses in your meeting. Keep discovering! Enjoy!

10 tips for more intimacy in your life – relationship

6. Speak from your heart

blankBeing together is delicious. We all have a deep desire for being together. That desire is deeply rooted in our hearts. So focus your attention on your heart regularly. Then think about that great energy source in your body, the love force in your life. Do nothing, for a moment, sit still and relaxed on the couch. Go inward with your breath, breath quiet and relaxed. Relax… Then breathe to/through your heart.

Feel the warmth, the peace that’s in your heart. Imagine this, it’s a beautiful visualization. Tune in to the love frequency of your heart. Look and find the warmth of intimacy and the vibration of romance. If you listen to the voice of your heart, that will come naturally. Meet the world, meet each other. In that meeting, all sorts of feelings and suggestions in your system (in your consciousness) arise. Feelings of support, of well-being, of solidarity… The thought of togetherness, a friendly word, a caress, an act done out of pure love. Suddenly the intimacy is there again, that wonderful resonance in your body, attraction … The heart is looking connection. Who lives from his heart knows no lack of intimacy.

7. Go crazy

We are all stuck in (relationship) patterns. Go crazy, break the rut. Leave the (relationship) patterns for what they are. Of course, cherish what works well …, but do it differently for once. Tell a colleague a personal story. Show yourself! We are all people looking for intimacy. Ask a personal question. Surprise your husband/wife with something unexpected. Let things arise spontaneously, listen to your intuition.

Of course, tomorrow you have to be “sensible” again, but now you can make a beach walk in the middle of the night. Everyone loves fun spontaneous actions. Make someone a proposal that he/she cannot refuse. Take a risk! If you are in a relationship, play with your role patterns, turn them around! Make it a fun game. Mess around. Don’t take it too seriously. Intimacy also has so much to do with being able to laugh, fool, and have fun together.

8. Show yourself

Open yourself … The more (more honestly) you show yourself, the deeper the intimacy will be. Can you reveal your secrets? Share what is difficult for you? Sharing is delicious, sharing frees! Don’t lock your life, but speak out. Let us know what you think/feel /want. Speak your desire. Tell your secret. Let us know what you are afraid of. Be honest and stop avoiding the subject. If you are vulnerable, it may give you a feeling of anxiety and discomfort, but you will see that you are appreciated. Authenticity is rewarded. Everyone loves and is attracted to “real” people. Show yourself, feel seen and appreciated. See others and let them know that you appreciate them. That creates a bond.

9. Quality time: the focus on being together

10 tips for more intimacy in your life relationshipWe are very busy with work, the children, the household, our hobbies. Do you ever take some time for yourself? Do you take time for each other? Make sure you have some quality time! Free time, put a big cross in your agendas. Maybe at a fixed time of the week, maybe not. But create that time. Slow down, have time for and attention to each other. Surprise each other also at such moments. Plan a wonderful surprise evening out. Nice food, go to the movie, the sauna. Suddenly, take a day off together, plan a sudden (mini) holiday.

10. Live your dreams (together)

Intimacy arises when the world resonates with the vibration in your body, with the shiver of your essence. What doesn’t fit with that, doesn’t give you the feeling of belonging. So find what suits you! Create what suits you! By direct your life energy to what you like most. By giving your dreams some space. Make room in your life for your heart desires. And “Think Big, the sky is not even the limit”. Listen to your heart desires: regularly make a list of what you would really like. Create perspective in your life, create perspective in your relationship.

10 tips for more intimacy in your life – relationship

Would you like more intimacy in your relationship?

Then stop working so hard and let your energy work for you. Don’t put your dreams away. Don’t postpone your heart desires until later (never?). Live now! Right then you will discover that intimacy comes on your path. That which suits you fits seamlessly into your life. Be surprised! There is another Tip 11 !!`

11. Enjoy

Yes, enjoy. Enjoying has a lot to do with intimacy. Or the other way around: intimacy has a lot to do with pleasure. Be happy with what you have, be happy with what is there. See the beauty of things. See the beauty of nature, but also see the beauty of culture.

be gratefulBe happy, be grateful.

See the perfect imperfection everywhere around you. Nobody is perfect, nobody is the image of your ideal projections. So appreciate what is there. Give the people around you a warm blanket. Let your love flow. If you are in a relationship, give each other lots of compliments. Be grateful for what is between you. Feel gratitude for all that is in your life. Be grateful. Gratitude is such a key to happiness!

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10 tips for more intimacy in your relationship, powered by OTL

10 tips for more intimacy in your life – relationship
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