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10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship

We present you 10 tantric practices for a fulfilled relationship. On a daily basis, you can practice it and integrate it into your system. You will remember it and your body and mind don’t regret it…

1. Be Present

The greatest gift you can give your partner is to be present. Your presence, your attention is crucial. It’s not that you have to be there and attentive all the time, but be clear about it. 30 minutes of presence every day is worth more than 7×24 hours togetherness without being present.

2. Listen consciously

Really listen to your partner. We tend not to listen and/or immediately swap to our own storyline. Don’t be aware of that. Listen to your partner! Ask questions, be interested. Don’t start to react or give advice, no, just listen. Give feedback so your partner knows he/she has been heard.

3. Empower your partner

Men and women have male and female skills and qualities. Instead of being best “mates”, empower your partner in his/her (sexual) essence. Empower a “male” man by honoring his male side. Empower a “female” woman by desiring/worshipping her female side. He/she will love you for it. Empowering your partner creates polarity and therefore creates lots of (sexual) attraction.

10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship

10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship

4. Let your bodies talk

In words, we tend to get into trouble. So why not let your body talk? Lay down together in spoon position for 10 minutes in silence. If possible do this naked. Don’t talk, don’t do anything. If a movement starts, let it happen, but don’t do anything. Feel your body, feel your energy.

5. Have fun together

Take time to be together. Busy, busy, busy. Get your priorities straight and make the time. Break the routine and have fun together. We all need times that are uplifting and fun. Smile, be happy. Do something you both enjoy doing. Make a bucket list and have a monthly (surprise) date.

6. Be loving and know what your partner needs

What you need to feel loved isn’t maybe what your partner needs. So find out what he/she needs! For some of us it’s through touch, for others, kind words, and for others, gifts. Often people send the love signals they want to receive themselves but miss that their partner needs are.

10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship

7. Tell your partner how fabulous he/she is

Give lots of positive feedback and be specific, elaborate. When telling your partner that you love him or her, be specific about what is eliciting in the present moment. Go into lots of detail.

8. Tell others how fabulous your partner is

Often when one hears these words told to a third party, it lands differently.

9. Take time to touch

Physical contact is crucial for a great relationship. It’s even crucial for individual happiness. If you touch your partner, do it with a loving touch. It doesn’t matter what / how long you touch. Make sure that your touch is loving and therefore demand free. It’s a true gift, no strings attached.

10. Honor your differences

The match is why you are together. However, we are all different, unique human beings. Women come from Venus, men come from Mars. Honor your differences. It’s sometimes difficult to deal with but honor the differences. Don’t try to change your partner. Love sets free.

So join us, learn more about tantra!

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10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship

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