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e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !Online Tantra welcomes you! Here you will find lots of online tantra courses. Your direct, personal, tantric way to Happiness.  You will find many tools and online meditations to integrate spiritual practice into your daily life. You can start right away, it’s easy, it’s private, and it works! We offer online tantra courses related to intimacy, sexuality, love, and relationships.

Tantra courses related to intimacy, sexuality, love, and relationships

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Online Tantra Courses - 4 products overviewTantra meditation: Because Happiness Matters

Happiness by growing in Love and Consciousness

For us, tantra is a spiritual path, a way of life. Tantra is the path of love, a path leading to happiness. The core message of tantra is to surrender to life. Continuously growing in Love and Consciousness. Letting your sex/love/life energy flow freely through your body. Connecting to your inner core. If your longing is to come “home”, to be happy, then you’re in the right place.

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Tantra training: Spice up your daily life with tantra skills

It’s our mission to introduce tantra and lots of tantra skills into your life. We love to keep it practical, so we have a lot of tantric meditations and techniques for you to use in your daily life. They are grouped around a set of main tantric themes. Conscious Living being the first. Second is feeling and using and enjoying your senses. Activate your sexual and life energy, feeling vital, energetic and powerful. Having an open mind, open body and also an open heart. To love and feel loved. To expand and experience the tremendous joy, happiness, bliss that love and connection bring you.

Tantra skills - using your sensesTantra skills for being happy, fully alive and kicking!

Read more about tantra skills – do an exercise yourself.

What is tantra: Enjoying peace (of mind), relaxation, and loving connection

Online Tantra Courses - heart connectionTantra is the path of love. A path that brings you peace and relaxation. Tantra says: “you áre good already”, exactly as you are. Love connects you with your inner core, connects you with others and leads to deep acceptance. Love takes you to the source of your self-esteem. That gives you trust and makes you love yourself. Self-love and being happy with who you are. Living a joyful life, from the heart, intimate, creative, full power…

Grow in self-love & self-esteem

Enjoy all the benefits of tantra:

  • Peace (of mind) and relaxation.
  • Powerful presence and self-esteem.
  • Intimate, loving connection with yourself, others, existence.
  • Lot’s of (sexual) energy, sensuality, radiance, creativity.
  • The transformation from lust to love: better love-making and deeper relations.
  • Happiness: more pleasure, delight, bliss in your life.

Tantra lessons: Boost your love/life energy

Online Tantra - Happiness MattersOnline Tantra - start nowGo for an online tantra course!

The result of tantra is Happiness. Not only will you enjoy more of the best of life, you will get in touch with the joy of life itself. The peace and joy of your heart, that is always with you. The Bliss of being, whatever happens. To us, Happiness is very down to earth AND deep spiritual. Knowing that you live forever AND also in thís life. Always in the NOW! Not waiting for heaven, but living heaven on earth. Living a conscious, loving, happy life.

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Online Tantra - Courses in LoeWe now offer you an introduction course on tantra, and theme courses related to intimacy, sexuality, love, and relations. More to come! Besides, you will find an increasing number of articles and (free) meditations.

What is tantra: Introduction course

a Taste of Tantra (€20/$22)

Tantra lessons online - a Taste of Tantra
Start with tantra today!

Tantra e-Courses

Intimacy starts with You! (€35/$38)

Deepening your Relationship(s) (€35/$38)

Living with an open Heart (€35/$38)

How to become Multi-orgasmic (M) (€35/$38)

Tantric sex explained (€ 75 –> €55/$60)

Simple Heart meditation
Try it! It’s for free.

Free tantra: Online tantra meditations

Simple Guided Heart meditation (FREE)

Heart meditation LoveSpirit (Free / €4/$4)

Prana mudra meditation (Free / €5/$5)

Tantra intimacy: Start now, it’s safe, personal and private!

  • Get your (first and) real tantric experience.
  • Choose the theme that fits you.
  • Yes, it’s safe, personal and private.
  • You can do it at home / wherever you want.
  • Whenever you want.
  • At your own pace.
  • The courses always stay available.
  • It’s low cost, good quality.
  • This website is safe for payments (https).
  • You can start NOW.
  • Enjoy forever…

Online Tantra - SolanaOnline Tantra - SatoriWho are you dealing with?

Online Tantra is founded by Solana and Satori after 20 years of tantric training and hands-on experience. We gave tantra workshops in the Netherlands for many years and since 2015 we also have an online Dutch tantra program. is a growing English version, to make all the goodies available for YOU!


Online Tantra Courses - start now

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